Never dived before? No problem, experience the thrill of scuba diving and exposure to the magical and wonderful world of colourful fish and living reef under water for the first time. You will marvel about the feelings/sensations of weightlessness and the beauty of the unknown water world. No prior diving experience necessary and it is much easier than you think. Try dives are a half day program enabling you to experience the underwater world under the direct supervision and safety of one of our SSI instructors.

Prior to venturing out into the beautiful clear waters of the Mediterranean sea for your first underwater experience you will first be introduced to, safety information, introduction to the use of the equipment and the correct behaviour under water.  We offer 2 options for trial dives:

OPTION 1:             BOAT DIVE – to the Zenobia Wreck.

OPTION 2:             SHORE DIVE – from our dive resort on Kastella Beach.


This is not a certificated qualification or course; however you will receive an SSI Diploma and an insight into the realms and experience of scuba diving. If you decide that you would like to continue diving and become a qualified diver, your trial dive lesson can be credited towards the SSI Open Water Course and as such the price of the trial dive will also be deducted.